Broken Car Keys

It isn't often that a car key breaks; after all they're made out of metal. But occasionally they do. When you find yourself in a situation with a broken car key, it can be extremely inconvenient. Inevitably, this is going to happen to you at the most inconvenient time.



Answers to some common questions:

What caused my key to wear down so much?

Your key is probably used a lot. With more and more use, and how many of us store our keys over time the cut of the key and grooves soften and wear down altering the structure of the key. As the key becomes more difficult to use people become frustrated and use force to try and get the key to work better. This causes keys to bend and snap in the lock. There isn′t much you can do about wear and tear of your keys. By having two or three keys and alternating their use you can reduce wear and tear on a specific key. Contact The Car Key Company Sussex for a quote to receive a replacement key before yours is no longer serviceable.

The key has broken. What do I do now?

When your keys snaps, there is literally nothing you can do to repair or rescue that key..

We at the Car Key Company are able to attend to you in one of our mobile workshops and cut a new key from the remaining fragment of your key. If you key is really bad, we may have to pick the lock. We are then able to remove the other fragment from inside the lock. If your car key has a transponder chip we′ll then take the transponder from the old unit and place it into your new key if there has been no damage to it.

My keys are stuck in the ignition or car door?

Getting your key stuck in the ignition barrel or car door isn't necessarily a problem with the key. Ignition barrels and door locks also suffer from wear and tear over time. We need to attend to discover what the problem is.

In the event of this occurring don′t use force to try and get the keys out. You could cause further damage which would be more costly to repair. If the key is stuck . . .  . LEAVE IT THERE.


Call Us, Car Key Company and a member of our trained and experienced staff will drive to your location with their mobile auto locksmith vehicle to remove the keys and get you back on the road to take or continue your journey.

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