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Losing your car keys and not being able to find your spare can be frustrating, worrying and extremely stressful. Inevitably that this situation will occur when you don′t have the time nor the money to get new car keys. This is where we can act quicker and cheaper than the main dealers, certainly saving you time and usually saving you money too.

Regularly Asked questions:

I can't find my car keys. What do I do now?

If you have lost your cars keys, and you don't have a spare then here is the quickest way to get you back on the road. Call our number at the top of this page and ask for a quote. We will need the following information.

  • The vehicle's registration number.
  • Tell us exactly where the vehicle is.
  • Proof that you own the car. If you haven't got that immediately, don't worry as we can solve this once we arrive.

If you accept our quote and and you want to proceed, one of our engineers will be on their way to replace your keys ASAP. We won't leave you stranded.

Do I really need a Spare Car Key?

Spare car keys  are a must, whether you need it because your main has been it's stolen. You may not have a spare key because you purchased a second hand  car and it only came with one key, or perhaps one was damaged and a spare had never been purchased to replace the set. Either way, it is a good idea to always own a spare key to your vehicle. By having spare set this can save you time and money in the future. Not to mention the stress and anxiety.

If you don′t have at least two keys for your vehicle then call the Car Key Company to cut and programme a new car key.  We do this for almost any car, at any location using our mobile locksmith vehicles / workshop.

Someone has stolen my car keys!

It is very upsetting to find that your car keys have been stolen. Whether it has happened at home, work or whilst out, the most important thing is that you deal with it immediately. It is one of the most valuable things we own and  it needs to be protected. We can attend the vehicle's location and within an hour remove the stolen keys from the system. The vehicle is now safe, and ready for us to add a new key and get you moving again.

If your keys have been stolen, you should do the following:

  1. First, be sure they have been stolen and not that you have simply misplaced them. Then, call the local police station or use 101. Please do not use 999 as it should be reserved for emergencies.  Let them know that you are getting The Car Key Company Sussex to attend to your car.
  2. Once you have notified the police, call your insurance company. Ask whether replacement keys are covered by your insurance.
  3. Remember that your car is insured. Never try to stop a thief if they return to take the vehicle. Car criminals can be very violent.
Is changing my car locks necessary?

Changing locks will not stop a thief gaining access to your car.

More importantly, you want to prevent a thief from stealing your car. Whilst the locks will disable regular access to a vehicle, a thief can always smash a window if they really want to gain entry.

The way to prevent a vehicle from being stolen is to call the Car Key Company in Sussex. Our engineer can delete keys from your vehicle's security system (immobiliser), and ensure only the keys in your possession can start the engine. We have the technology, training and equipment to be able to do this work at your home or the roadside.

We recommend that you do not keep valuables in your vehicle at any time, regardless of whether your keys are in your possession or not. Valuables on display will always attract opportunistic thieves.

In short, the answer is 'NO', it is not necessary to change locks, and it is significantly more expensive.

Surely the Main Dealer is the place for replacement keys?

The main dealers will nearly always require that you bring the car to their location (this will often mean a recovery vehicle). This is not cheap. Dealers do not hold keys in stock, meaning that when you do manage to get your vehicle to the dealership, you'll have to wait while they are supplied from overseas. This can take up to 10 or more working days. These are both massive inconveniences to you.  The Car Key Company Sussex in fact that we can as much as 75% cheaper than a main dealer, delivering a same day service, and we come to the car.

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